Why Goshen, NY Residents Should Call Jones For AC Repair This Summer

AC Service Technician in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

During the summer in Goshen, NY, your family probably enjoys being outside. Maybe you like visiting Mount Peter or taking in a trip to the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge. Whatever you’re doing, you and your family will probably work up a sweat doing it, and look forward to coming home to a cool setting. So make sure to stay on top of the condition of your AC system and prepare yourself for any repairs.

At Jones Services, our experts are prepared to provide the best AC repair services to your home in Goshen. Whether it be an emergency or a normal repair job, we work tirelessly until your air conditioning system is back functioning at a high level. We know the faster we work, the quicker you and your family can return to living in a comfortable home during the hot summer.

Features of our AC Repair in Goshen

The air conditioner pros we have at Jones Services are ready for you to give us any AC repair job. Some of the more common AC repairs we do involve plain fuses and evaporator coils, but we’d like to focus more in detail on the following features of your AC system that our repair services in Goshen will take care of and the issues they might face:

  • Air Conditioning Heat Pumps tend to fail from a broken relay, capacitor or motor.
  • Air Conditioning Compressors may not perform up to snuff if there are bad connections, relays or capacitors. These compressors are responsible for turning refrigerant to high-pressured gas that drop the temperature of the air.
  • Air Conditioning Freon Recharges determine how much Freon your system is holding, and the level of Freon should always be the same. Unfortunately, this isn’t a do-it-yourself, easy fix. You’ll need the proper safety equipment to solve this issue, so call us right away to get this done.
  • Air Conditioning Air Handlers fail rather quickly if you have a filthy air filter, so make sure to clean your filter so this piece can continue to move the cool air throughout your house.
  • Air Conditioning Blower Motors are just like the air handles in the sense that they rotate cool air around your household. The older they get the more prone they are to failure.

Benefits of our AC Repair in Goshen

In the world of air-conditioning service, our experienced staff of AC service professionals have seen a lot. You’d be hard-pressed to present us with an air conditioning situation we haven’t faced before. Because of our rich experience, we’re able to deliver the following critical benefits with our AC repair service in Goshen:

  • Restoring the cool comfort and the healthy clean air your family and friends need to breathe easy in your home during the hot and humid summers
  • Save more money with an AC system that is as energy-efficient as can be
  • Improve the flow of clean, cool air in your house
  • Boost the lives of all the components of your AC system, prolonging its effectiveness

Call our licensed AC professionals at Jones Services to complete all your AC repair jobs in Goshen!

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