What You Need to Know About Heating Repair in Goshen

With the fall just a few months away, it is absolutely vital that your furnace is in good, working condition. What’s worse than having to deal with the cold weather when you don’t have a warm home to come home to? Don’t let it get to that point. Get your furnace and other heating equipment repaired sooner than later.

If your furnace is able to overcome the chilly fall season, don’t forget that it still has to get through the winter, as well. Your furnace might be overworked this fall, which means that you’ll also want to have it in tip top shape for the winter.

Common Furnace and Heating Problems

There are numerous factors that could contribute to the fact that your home is not getting any heat in the fall or winter seasons, and you certainly don’t want to ignore them.

Dirty or clogged air filters: Not only will dirty or clogged air filters result in comfort problems, but it will also make the air in your home dirty. Who wants that? It is suggested that the air filters should be changed every few months to keep temperature levels consistent, as well as to ensure that your home’s air stays clean.

Malfunctioning thermostat: If your thermostat is busted and it can’t tell your furnace what temperature to heat to, there is a good chance that your unit will not heat at all. Don’t rush to conclusions that it’s your furnace that needs to be repaired. Make sure to call Jones Services to double-check the situation at hand.

Air flow problems: If air is not properly circulating throughout your furnace or heating system, then it could overheat and shut down. Keep in mind that the last few weeks of winter will be long and cause your heating bills to go up if this problem is not fixed. If this issue is not addressed, your furnace will cycle on and off, which will waste you money.

Pilot or ignition control problems: In many cases, the reason a home might not be getting any heat may be because the pilot light will not stay on. It’s possible that you may be able to relight the pilot light yourself, but if you are not, it would be in your best interest to call Jones Services.

Furnace and Heating Repair Prevention

It is important to know that most, if not all, furnace and heating problems can be prevented rather easily with regular maintenance. Annual furnace check-ups are a smart and effective way to catching small problems that are going on before they become major ones.

In need of a furnace or heating repair? Call in a professional, courtesy of Jones Services, today!


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