What is an Evaporator Coil and How One Can Ease Your Hudson Valley Winter

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Make sure yours is working this winter

An evaporator coil is a vital part of any whole house heating system. They are used in oil and gas based furnaces to absorb heat when air passes through the unit and then distribute it throughout the house. Evaporator coils look like a series of, well, “coiled” pipes or tubes. Its primary function, heat transfer, is one of the most important factors in achieving the high levels of heating performance and efficiency that will keep your home comfortable all winter long.

How It Works
An evaporator coil is installed with your furnace and is one of its most important components. Inside the coil itself, the refrigerant evaporates (hence the name) as it absorbs heat from the air that passes through it. The evaporator coil essentially serves as the “heat exchanger” of your whole house heating system.
Keeping It Clean
A dirty evaporator coil decreases both the efficiency and the performance of your furnace. In order to keep your system running at design performance, it is extremely important to have your coil serviced and cleaned regularly. Since they’re usually difficult to access, evaporator coils are easy to ignore until the problem becomes palpable and you realize your furnace isn’t keeping you warm. Remember, a clean evaporator coil will yield higher performance and cleaner, warmer air in your home all winter long.

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