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 A Waterlogged Tank Can Create a Cycling Problem

If you live off of a well system, you probably already know about all of the different working components in that well. When one of them stops operating correctly, chances are you will have problems getting potable water into your home.

The bladder tank, or water holding tank, is one of the most important features of your well, as it maintains a desired range of water pressure, minimizes pump cycling (which protects the pumps from burning out), and protects against water hammer. So, when the problem with your well lies in the holding tank, you’ll need to get it fixed as soon as you can.

But, in order to get it fixed, it would probably be helpful for you as a homeowner to understand the different sorts of problems you’ll see your bladder tank experiencing.

Common Well Bladder Tank Problems

  1. Pressure problems: There are a number of different things that could be causing this – short cycling which can damage the pump, the pump might be old and need replacement, if you have an older pump it can stop running due to overheating, or you have a bad control switch or pressure regulator.
  2. Tank’s air charge: If the pressure in the tank is more than 2 psi below the pump cut-in pressure, you may experience problems with your bladder tank. It is possible to add air yourself if you feel confident enough to do so, but if not our service professionals at Jones Services can do it for you.
  3. Waterlogged: A waterlogged tank is one that is completed filled with water, or has too much water to function properly. You’ll know if you have this problem if you notice that the pump motor cycles too often, if your water has funny taste or odor, or if the tank fails prematurely.
  4. Broken air bladder: Anything broken on a vital piece of equipment will, of course, cause it to stop functioning as it should. With a damaged bladder, the pre-pressurized air inside the tank can leak into the water system over time. This, in turn, results in the pressure tank not working properly.


If you have any well tank, well pump, or water pressure problems, don’t hesitate to call Jones Services today!


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