Water Treatment in Ulster County

water running down drain

Yes, it’s true. The water in your home may need to be treated or looked at from time to time, just like other appliances or devices in your household.  Water can get contaminated, or “hard,” which is obviously a huge problem. After all, water should be the purest, healthiest thing that you and your family can get your hands on.

What Can Contaminate Your Water?

Outdoor and public water sources (i.e. water that comes from a well or municipal plant) can carry unwanted minerals or contaminants into your home. To clarify, these materials can include:

• Chemicals
• Bacteria
• Debris
• Microbes
• Sediment
• Dirt
• Minerals

It is possible that you may have heard before that chemicals are capable of cleaning your water source. However, this is a rumor that needs to be explained in further detail. While chemicals can remove pollutants from the water, they are just as capable of leaving behind a strange taste.

Now, you might be wondering: how do you fix this funny-tasting water problem? With some water treatment solutions, courtesy of Jones Services, of course!

Water Treatment Solutions

• Water Filtration: Water filtration systems eliminate all chemicals and other bacteria from your water supply, giving you cleaner water and potentially even better-tasting food. These water filtration systems can be installed in a couple of different ways: whole home or fixture specific. Whole home means that every fixture or appliance is equipped with a system. On the other hand, fixture-specific means only certain ones will get the filtration device.

• Water Softeners: Ever why there are spots on your glass shower doors? Or maybe you lately haven’t felt clean after taking a shower. The reason for both of these problems might be because you have hard water. Hard water is water that is overly rich with materials, such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water can affect every area of your life, as far as water is concerned. By getting a water softener installed, you will have cleaner clothing, cleaner skin, better-tasting water, and you will also increase the life of your plumbing system.

Ready to start living a cleaner, healthier life with the installation of a water treatment system? If so, call Jones Services today!

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