Water Treatment in Newburgh, NY: How Can You Prevent Contamination This Summer?

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If you have paid attention to the national news in recent months, you have probably heard a thing or two about lead contamination in water supplies across the country. Consuming lead is extremely hazardous and lead to varying health affects including vomiting, nausea, and dizziness. At the worst, lead can damage the central nervous system to cause a coma, convulsions, and even death. You need to make sure your water supply is free of contaminants just in time for summer, preferably with water treatment in Newburgh, NY.

Jones Services is here to provide you with solutions to any contamination problems. We have self-sanitizing systems that remove magnesium, iron, hardness, and bacteria that would otherwise prove hazardous to your health. Even if your water doesn’t necessarily appear contaminated, don’t let appearances fool you. There could be something dangerous lurking in your water supply, so call Jones Services to eliminate any threat!

Summertime Tips for Water Treatment, Newburgh, NY

In addition to call Jones Services to guarantee clean water in your home, you can do your share in keeping water clean and clear, including:

  • Use smaller amounts of dish and laundry detergent when you need to wash dishware and clothing. Also be sure to only use phosphate detergent, which is effective in removing stains and proves environmentally-friendly.
  • Avoid flushing liquids, pills, or powder down the toilet. Not only will this lower the risk of water contamination, but also prevent any damage to your toilet. Your toilet can be helpful in many ways, but it’s definitely not a garbage can.
  • Turn off the tap when running water isn’t necessary. This will help you save money on water bills and lower the amount of contaminated water, if at all present, flowing through your system.
  • Do not rely too much on pesticides and fertilizers when doing lawn work this summer. These materials can find themselves seeping into runoff that will later flow into nearby water systems. Also consider having more plants on your lawn, which can further reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizer needed for your lawn.
  • And of course, don’t litter. Do not throw any litter into rivers, streams, lakes, or any body of water in order to ensure a healthier water supply for all.

In addition to these tips, contact Jones Services today for water treatment in Newburgh, NY that aims to keep you and your family healthy and gives you clean water for all purposes!

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