Water Treatment in Goshen, NY: How Can You Eliminate Lead?

Filling tap water

It’s been all over the news—lead is everywhere. Water supplies across the country have found themselves in a bit of a quandary with lead contamination, a highly concerning issue especially when you consider consumption of lead can lead to serious health consequences. Homeowners across the country are advised to call up their local service company for water treatment in Goshen, NY that keeps any contaminants far, far away from their water supply.

Jones Services is more than happy to assist in this urgent situation. As with any of our plumbing services, the well-being of you and your family is always the number-one priority. If there’s lead threatening your health, then we’ll be ready to provide water treatment in Goshen, NY that ensures you remain worry-free with your water supply. Our filtration and softening systems are top-notch in keeping water clean, clear, and healthy to use.

Helpful Tips for Water Treatment in Goshen, NY          

In addition to our services, there are several steps you should take to avoid lead contamination, including:

  • Drink or cook only with cold water that comes out of a tap. Hot water from a tap is much more likely to contain higher levels of lead.
  • Use only bottled water or water from a filtration system. If you live with small children, make sure they are only drinking from either of these two sources. Also contact your local physician for any lead testing
  • If you have not used water for several hours or if you suspect your supply is contaminated with lead, run each tap in your home for up to 2 minutes. This will eliminate any lead from the pipe itself, as well as make water drinkable.
  • Clean your faucet aerator every few months. There is a chance that particles from household plumbing can be stuck in there, including traces of lead that can eventually enter the water supply.
  • In the event you need fixture replacement, consider installing fixtures that contain less lead. There are several fixtures on the market today that are required to contain lower levels of lead than ever before.

Contact Jones Services today if you want to keep the risk of lead contamination to an all-time low thanks to water treatment in Goshen, NY!

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