Water Heater Leaking in Phoenicia, NY

Water Heater in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

Leak a sure sign you need a replacement

A water heater leak is not only a sign that you need a replacement, it also wastes a significant amount of money in wasted energy. While they are durable, water heaters usually last an average of about ten years. Unless you just happen to be one of the few people who look at their water heater on a regular basis, you may not realize that you have a leak. Here are some signs that you may have one:

  1. The water that comes out of your shower or faucets appears like it is rusty. While there are other potential causes of discolored water, this usually indicates a water heater leak.
  2. Your water isn’t getting as hot as it normally does, or you run out of hot water completely.
  3. You see any signs of corrosion on the outside of your tank.


If, once you check your unit, you see water pooling on the floor, that means it is probably time to have your old water heater replaced.

If you have any kind of problem with your water heater, call Jones today.

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