Why Should You Seek Furnace Maintenance from Our Warwick Heating Service?

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Our Warwick heating service can provide assistance to all of your heating systems including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Overlooked amongst our excellent installation, repair, and replacement is our maintenance service, which can see our heating experts give your furnace a tune-up so it stays running all year long. We can guarantee improved, longer-lasting heating in your home!

The furnace maintenance offered by Jones Services is the best you’ll find in the Warwick area. Our plumbers will test and carefully inspect your heating system to take care of any existing problems in your furnace before they worsen. Our professionals will also consult with you after inspection to make sure repairs are done to your specifications.

5 Reasons to Seek Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is more than just making sure your furnace is working, or even supplying you with heating. It’s about improving life in your home in all areas. Though it’s easy to overlook maintenance service, here are 5 reasons to get it now:

  1. Improved Home Safety: In order to produce heat, your furnace has to burn fuel. If this process does not happen as it should, it’s possible for gas or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Don’t take that chance and call Jones Services today to receive maintenance that keeps the whole family safe!
  2. Improved Energy Efficiency: With this comes improved cost efficiency, and who doesn’t want that? A tune up includes the cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner and heat exchanger which helps with making it more energy efficient. This will help you save money on monthly energy bills.
  3. Reduced Repairs: If you have an older furnace – especially one that hasn’t been serviced in a while – you may deal with a lot of repair work which is costly. A tune up catches small problems before they turn into more serious ones that will require expensive repairs. You’ll save money because you won’t be repeatedly calling a repair service to get work done.
  4. Proper Airflow: Restricted air flow puts an unnecessary strain on your furnace that significantly decreases its lifespan. Improved airflow due to a tune-up, however, can keep the heat flowing and everyone in your family living comfortably.
  5. Warranty Maintenance: Most manufacturers say their warranty becomes void if the furnace is not properly maintained. If down the line you need repair or replacement work done you don’t want to be left without a valid warranty.

Contact Jones Services today for great Warwick heating service to receive help in maintaining your furnace just before the winter season begins!

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