Top Service Calls near Middletown this Week

Air Conditioner Trips Circuit Breaker in Florida, NY

A customer called reporting that his air conditioner was tripping his circuit breaker about every 15 minutes. His wife was scheduled to come home from the hospital after a surgical procedure so he wanted the problem fixed as soon as possible. We found that his unit needed a refrigerant charge. Once that was provided the unit worked properly.

When refrigerant is low, that almost always means a leak has developed. As a result, the compressor has to work harder to make the unit run. This causes more of a demand on your circuit system and can cause the breaker to trip as a result. Ice or frost on the evaporator coil and loose connections are two other common reasons for this problem.

Air Conditioner Leaks into Basement in Beacon, NY

A man’s 10-year-old air conditioner was causing a leak in his basement. Instead of moving condensation outside, it was pooling water in the basement.

If the temperature outside starts to dip, that can lead to water buildup because the unit will not evaporate as usual. Another common reason this problem occurs is that the seals on your air conditioner may not be tight enough. This would lead to ambient air to condense when it combines with the cold air inside the unit. Whenever you notice excess leakage, call Jones Services as soon as you can so that we can identify the problem and take care of it as quickly as possible.

Generator Maintenance in Red Hook, NY

We were called to a customer’s home for some routine maintenance of his Generac generator. We are not only a certified Generac dealer, we are also experts in every model produced by that manufacturer.

Regular maintenance is important to the continued reliable operation of your generator, just as it is for your air conditioner, furnace and other critical appliances. We provide several different services when we perform maintenance, including checking the engine fluid levels, looking for any battery corrosion, checking and cleaning the battery cables, inspecting and cleaning the spark plugs, checking the air filter and much more.

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