Top HVAC Service Calls near Washingtonville this Week

Outside Air Conditioning bretheon

 Air Conditioning Leak in Washingtonville, NY

A lady called us to report that her air conditioner was leaking water. Our service professional determined that her unit had a broken condenser pump. After he replaced it, her air conditioner once again worked normally.

Just because you have a leak that doesn’t mean you need an extensive repair or replacement. You may just have a blocked drain hole that has been clogged with dirt or other debris. If there is a blockage, once it is cleared water will be able to exit the condenser pan and the pooling will stop. Another possibility is that the unit is not level because it was improperly installed. Added pressure due to mistakenly close vents can also cause a leak.

Air Conditioner Installation in Newburgh, NY

A customer wanted a three-ton air conditioning unit and ductwork installed in her home. We came out, performed a thorough analysis of her cooling needs and the size of her house, and helped her find the right model.

If you purchase a system that is too small it will have to work too hard to cool your home. As a result, it will have a shortened life span and your energy bills will be too high. If your unit is too small, it will not work long enough to properly dehumidify your home. This could lead to an unhealthy accumulation of mold and mildew. Call Jones Services and we’ll send someone out to make sure you get the right size air conditioner for your needs.

Water Heater Replacement in Homestead Village, NY

This customer owns a rental home and needed a new water heater for a tenant. We were able to quickly make the replacement and then made sure it was working properly before we left.

If your water heater is making strange noises, then that probably means too much sediment has built up inside of the tank and the unit needs to be replaced. This is not necessarily a complex installation, but it can be very troublesome if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and don’t have someone to help. Make the safe choice and call Jones so we can handle everything for you.

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