4 Tips for Toilet Repair in Goshen, NY

Your toilet is the most essential fixture in your home and if it’s not working properly, you need toilet repair in Goshen, NY immediately. Overflows and clogs are problems that you shouldn’t just simply put off until later date, especially when everyone in your home is reliant upon it. Life without toilet repair can lead you down a horribly inconvenient, unsanitary path that can affect your well-being. Don’t take that chance, and instead take a proactive stance on getting your toilet fixed.

And if you are looking for toilet repair from a professional service, call Jones Services now. Our team of plumbers have years of experience dealing with toilet problems so there isn’t much they can’t handle. We can handle anything from clogs to the most urgent overflows. We have repairs that can cover any of your needs, so feel free to call us for any problems.

What Role Can You Take in Toilet Repair in Goshen, NY?

Of course, in addition to our services, you can also do your share to keep your toilet working. Don’t just allow your toilet to go to waste, and take the following actions:

  1. Always Keep a Plunger Handy: No toilet is complete without a plunger. For any minor clog you may experience, a plunger is a cheap yet effective tool that can eliminate a clog quickly. It may not necessarily be the be-all and end-all of toilet repair, but it can do its share in getting the job done and restoring your toilet back to normal.
  2. Use a Wire to Fix Slowly Emptying Toilets: If you are noticing your toilet is taking a slower time to flush, it may be result of clogs in the holes underneath the rim. In this case, please take a piece of wire and poke at the hole to clear them of any grime, then flush the toilet again to see if the clogs have gone away.
  3. Test the Handle: If your toilet is not flushing at all, it’s time to test the handle. If the handle needs to be held down or jiggled in order to work properly, it’s a sign that there are older parts within the toilet in need of replacement. While parts are inexpensive, you need to replace them as soon as possible.
  4. Tighten Connections between Tank and Bowl: Sometimes, your toilet problems may come down to the fact that the connection between the tank and bowl is loose, which can be the main cause of leaks. Tighten the mounting bolts situated at the base of the ballcock assembly to put a stop to any leakage. If this still doesn’t work, please call Jones Services.

Contact Jones Services today for toilet repair in Goshen, NY that will square away any toilet problems so you can enjoy the spring season without worry.

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