Toilet Leaking in Newburgh, NY

leaking toilet bowl

Foul smell or a rocking toilet indicate wax ring replacement is necessary

A toilet leak can happen gradually, not only wasting water and making your bill higher than it should be, but also potentially causing damage to your bathroom floor. By the time you notice the accumulation of water, you may need a great deal of work performed to fix the problem.

More than likely, the leak has taken place below the wax ring that is located under the toilet bowl. The ring helps create a seal that reduces the chance of a leak taking place. Replacing this ring will probably be necessary, but this is a job that is best suited to a plumber. It will entail lifting the bowl, which is extremely heavy, and will also necessitate loosening bolts that could be very difficult to remove.

If your toilet rocks back and forth easily or you consistently notice a sewer-type odor around your toilet, call a plumber to have your wax ring replaced.

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