5 Factors to Consider Before Toilet Installation

important factors for toilet installation

Toilet installation is one of the most important plumbing services to consider. After all, how can you expect to live in your home without a working toilet? It is the single most essential fixture in your home. You and your family use it several times a day and if it’s not readily available, the level of convenience, and sanitation in your home will suffer. However, before you run out and buy the nearest toilet you can find, you need to make sure you are purchasing the right one. Though most people will simply just install a toilet without thought, it may prove a costly mistake. You may be wasting hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on toilet replacement because you were too impatient during the installation process to realize you are buying the wrong one. You will experience other problems beyond increased spending as well.  You may also notice poor plumbing efficiency, an improperly sized toilet bowl, and even problems with flushing waste. Before this turns your home into one huge plumbing nightmare, you need to consider what should be done in order to get a toilet that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

How Can Jones Services Help You?

If you want a reliable toilet in your home, please call Jones Services today. As far as we’re concerned, a little more knowledge on toilet installation goes a long way in ensuring you get your money’s worth.  Our team of licensed plumbers will consult with you before we install anything to ensure your home is equipped with a toilet. By giving yourself time to consider what toilet would be best for your home, you will be able to enjoy so many benefits that will allow you live so much easier. You will be able to experience the benefits associated with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, such as reduced spending on bills and less worrying about how much it is costing you every time you flush the toilet. But most importantly, your family will be able to experience better convenience around the house. You will be able to relax more knowing their needs are met and be provided with a greater level of convenience unlike ever before. A new, highly-efficient toilet is just one of the many plumbing upgrades you can make to establish a better peace of mind.

5 Factors to Consider Before A Toilet Installation

Before installing, please consider any of these factor so you can ensure you are getting the toilet just right for your home:

  1. Utility Bills: Bathrooms use nearly half of the American home’s average water usage, with toilets alone accounting for about 25 to 30 percent of your water. Older seven-gallon tanks can run you nearly 13,000 gallons per year on average. But if you were to reduce down to a newer 1.28-gallon tank, the annual average consumption could drop to about 2,300 gallons. By upgrading to a new efficient toilet, your water bill would drop by about 10,000 gallons.
  2. Bowl Shape: You have the choice between two different bowl sizes: round or oval-shaped. Many homeowners will prefer oval-shaped toilets due to their ability to meet a wider range of plumbing needs. However, you should also take into account how much space this will require in your bathroom. An oval-shaped toilet may sound appealing, but you need to think how much it will be costing you in terms of physical space.
  3. Seat Height: The average height of a standard toilet is about 14.5 inches. However, some other models are designed to accommodate slightly taller people with a height of about 16 inches, while handicap-rated units can range from 17 to 19 inches. There needs to be a comfortable amount of distance and difference between these models when you bend your knees, especially for all the members of your household. Your family’s comfort should come before anything.
  4. Space: Most homes require 15 inches from center to wall and at least two feet in front to have enough space for a new toilet. Though this distance may be fine if you have limited space in your bathroom, having at least 30 inches in front will make you feel less cramped. You need to consider how much elbow room you can make for yourself as well.
  5. Performance and Efficiency: There are two types of toilet flushing for you to choose from: gravity and pressure. Toilets with gravity-fed flushes can generate as little as 10 PSI, but they have a much higher risk clogging since they are not able to push waste as effectively. Pressure units are a bit noisier and can generate up to 25 PSI of water pressure. They use less water, but have a much higher installation cost.

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