Tips from Our Goshen Plumber on How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Frosted pipes

You may think it’s too early to call a Goshen plumber about frozen pipes, but it can happen in your home sooner than you realize. Goshen residents will soon be bundling up with blankets, pouring big cups of hot cocoa, and doing whatever it takes to stay warm as the freezing temperatures and snowfall begin to fall. The quick, sudden drop in temperature can wreak havoc on pipes with poor insulation, leading them to freeze and eventually burst.

When you first notice your pipes are freezing, then call up Jones Services right away for frozen pipe service and we’ll restore them in an instant. We know just how damaged your home can become when pipes freeze and burst, which is why we can provide a wide variety of services so you can avoid that possibility altogether!

What Does Our Goshen Plumber Recommend?

While shoveling snow and shivering in the cold during the winter are unpleasant, nothing’s more unfortunate than frozen pipes. Please follow these helpful tips straight from our Goshen plumber to avoid the aches and stress that come with having frozen pipes in your home:

  • Insulate Your Home: Frozen pipes can be easily avoided if you properly insulate your home before the colder months to protect your pipes from the incoming blast of freezing temperatures and frigid air. Insulation is especially important if you have a garage with water supply lines more exposed to the outdoor air.
  • Winterize Your Home: Before the cold temperatures do their worst, drain hoses, swimming pools, and sprinklers located outdoors. This ensures no water will flow into them that will easily turn to ice once the temperatures begin to reach freezing levels.
  • Check for Air Leaks: Since you want to keep your pipes from becoming exposed to cold air, inspect all areas of your home for air leaks that will allow the cool air in and the much-needed warm air out. When you spot leaks, seal them up with weather-stripping, or have a Goshen plumber from Jones Services help you.
  • Remove, Drain, and Store Hoses: If you have water hoses outdoors, close inside valves supplying them with water before the colder months begin to settle in. Then proceed to drain hoses by keeping outdoor valves open to drain any remaining water. Any hose with water still running during the fall and winter raises the chances of pipes freezing.

Pick up the phone and call Jones Services today if you want to learn more on how to avoid frozen pipes. Our Goshen plumber is always to give advice to how to outwit this coming season’s coldest weather!

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