The Importance of a Whole House Humidifier in Goshen NY

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You’re in the perfect position. Your partner is sound asleep and for once, they are not snoring. You are moments away from drifting off yourself when you feel a slight tickle on your shin. No worries, a swipe of the foot should take care of that. But then, the itch seems to be spreading. Now, both your legs need scratching. You reach for the lotion. It (and the rest of the stuff on your nightstand) tumbles to the floor waking your sleeping spouse.

“What are you doing?!” they ask.

“My legs are itchy!” you reply.

It’s a simple equation. When it’s cold out, you turn the heat up. When the heat is up, the humidity in your house goes down and you and your home dry out. That’s right, having a dry home can lead to everything from itchy skin to furniture damage.

While having too much moisture in your home causes mold growth and other health issues, not having enough is problematic as well. That’s why a whole house humidifier in Goshen is a good idea.

Whole house humidifiers in Goshen help regulate the amount of moisture in your air better than standalone units because they can be added to existing HVAC systems. Whole house humidifiers in Goshen can also be controlled and monitored with a thermostat as well.

Overly dry air…

  • Is a breeding ground for viruses like the flu and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Causes sore throats, itchy skin and dry nasal passages, which result in frequent nosebleeds.
  • Exacerbates breathing problems for people with asthma and allergies.
  • Causes gaps between wooden floorboards, paint and artwork more likely to crack and crumble and makes it impossible to keep a piano tuned.

Using a portable humidifier is like slathering on overnight cream. It only treats the symptom. It does nothing for the cause. Not to mention potentially drastically increasing your electric bills. Call Jones today and let us install a whole house humidifier in Goshen and make your home the happy, harmonious and healthfully humid sanctuary it was always meant to be.

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