Technicians vs. Service Professionals: The Jones Services Difference

Jones Services Employees


Many home service companies fill their home services workforces with technicians, but Jones Services trains, educates, and invests in our workforce that qualifies them far beyond the term “technician”. At Jones, we employ Service Professionals and treat them as such.

Why We Don’t Hire “Technicians”

Technicians are those who just fix things. While this is undoubtedly important, we are committed to our customers at Jones Services and always strive to bring comfort, education, and solutions when we ring your doorbell. Which is why we’ve worked hard to make sure that our staff are much more than just “technicians”.

Service professionals provide far more than the ability to complete repairs and execute fixes. Our service professionals will provide a complete diagnostic as well as recommended repair solutions. We’ll leave things cleaner than when we arrived and protect your home with the same respect of our own.

The best system installed improperly is worse that the worst system installed by professionals, which is why we are consistently investing in our service professionals’ education, training, and certifications. We aim to employ a workforce of well-rounded, career-minded, customer-oriented people. We reward them well for hard work, and they come to the job every day knowing we expect their best from them.

All of these expectations are what define our knowledgeable and professional group of service professionals.

The Jones Services Difference


The difference at Jones Services is you’re more than a number, a repair, or a sale. You’re a member of our community – one we want to support for many years to come. We pride ourselves on customer service and an educated approach to home service solutions. When you call Jones Services, you can expect a Service Professional who is happy to do their job every day and do it well.


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