Tech Talk with Tim Schofield – Jones Services NATE Certified HVAC Professional

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Q: What are some signs my A/C needs service?

A: Improper cooling is a very common one. If your A/C is blowing air that’s nowhere near a comfortable cooling temperature, a call to Jones Services should definitely be your first move. You might also notice that electrical bill is higher than usual for the summer months. This might be a sign that your A/C is not running efficiently because it needs service or maintenance. Also, if your air conditioning system is operating noisily, it might be time for service. If even just one component of your A/C is in need of maintenance, it can cause your whole system to work overtime and make a real racket in the process. These troublesome issues can all be easily avoided with the ongoing maintenance and expert service offered by the Jones Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan.

Q: Is there any type of A/C system more energy efficient than others?

A: Yes, definitely. What you’re going to want to pay attention to is the air conditioner’s SEER number. That stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. If your home has an old A/C system, it’s most likely around 10 or lower SEER. These days, for new units the government enforces a minimum SEER of 13. But, if you want to go above and beyond the minimum here, it’s pretty amazing the energy savings you’ll earn. Basically, the higher you’re willing to go in SEER ratings, the more energy savings you’ll see each month. Once you hit the mid-20s, you are officially in “Prius territory.” Usually, a well cared for system with a solid SEER rating will make up for the higher initial cost you’ll pay to get a high efficiency A/C within a handful of years. Another major factor that can impact the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system is whether or not you’ve been sticking to your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. All A/C manufacturers recommend that you service your A/C system at least once a year and by signing up for the Jones Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan, you can guarantee that your high SEER rated system is performing as advertised.

Q: How often do I need to change my A/C filters?

A: That’s going to be dependent on the type of filter you use. They come in all different qualities and if you’re relying on a regular, economy level filter to keep your system clean, you’re going to want to check it for clogging every 30 days and change it out at least every couple months. The frequency you’ll need to change your filter will depend on your indoor air quality, as well. For example, if you leave your windows open a lot and outside pollen and debris gets in or if you have pets that shed their fur, you’ll need to change your filters more often. Failing to change your filter enough can ruin your A/C pretty fast. Using high quality media filters can make a world of difference here. Media filters offer enhanced filtration for cleaner indoor air, quieter system operation and don’t require changing as often as lower quality filters. And again, ensuring your A/C is well maintained and cared for will make whatever filter you choose that much more effective. Check out the Jones Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan for more information on how to get the most out of your A/C and its filter.

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