Signs Your AC May Be Harming Your Air Quality

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As the weather gets warmer and temperatures rise, you may turn on your air conditioning system for the first time of the season without giving it a second thought. Did you know that a cooling system that is damaged, outdated, or running inefficiently can negatively affect your air quality? Here are some common AC problems that may affect air quality and how they can affect you:

AC Problems That May Affect Your Air Quality

  • Dirty filter. Your filter is responsible for literally filtering out impurities in your airflow before its delivered and dispersed throughout your home via a central air system. Your air filter should be changed often, every few months is best. This is especially important during periods of extended use, like the summer months. When the filter becomes dirty and clogged with dust, hair, dander, pollen, or any other debris that may make their way in, your air quality can be compromised.
  • Excess water. If your air conditioner is leaking any excess fluid or it has more condensation than usual, it may be harming your indoor air quality. Leftover liquids can leave you with mold or mildew growth. These spores can grow and spread at a rapid rate. If in or around your air system, they can easily be blown into your home.
  • Duct problems. If your duct system is damaged, it’s possible for debris to build up inside. Because your ducts deliver air directly through your vents, whatever may be built up inside will be delivered as well.
  • Loud noises or strange odors. These are signs that your system may be broken or running inefficiently. In an effort to prevent the problem from worsening, you should have a professional fix the problem.
  • Old or inefficient equipment. Any system that is old, outdated, or running inefficiently has the potential to damage the air quality in your home. If your air conditioning system is out of date, you should consider a replacement. Newer technologies are more efficient and will help to keep the air in your home safe and breathable for years to come.

Warning Signs

You may not know immediately that your AC is harming your air quality. If you suspect that your cooling system may be affecting you, it’s important that you call a professional as soon as possible. The air you breathe should be as clean as possible, but an old or broken AC may prevent that. Keep watch for worsened asthma or allergy symptoms, as they may be related to your air quality.

Importance of Routine Maintenance

To keep your HVAC systems running safely and efficiently, routine maintenance is necessary. Not only will it save you from expensive repairs down the line, it will help to protect against lessened air quality. Your AC should be checked at least once a year, especially before it gets too hot out. A professional will be able to identify any areas of concern, so you and your family will be able to stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

If you think that your AC may be harming your air quality, call Jones Services today!

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