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Multiple Backups Indicate a Sewer Line Problem

You might not think too much about your sewer line on a daily basis. Why would you? It’s hidden underground and only pops into your mind when something goes wrong with it. The bad part is, when it does act up – it will cause some serious problems for you.

In many cases that we see, roots have taken over the sewer line and completely stopped it up. If you have been experiencing periodic backup and calling in frequent repairs, it may time for a replacement.

At Jones Services, we can come in and install a new sewer line with a clean out for easily accessible access if needed in the future. If this situation is taken care of early on, the process is normally pretty simple. So, to keep your sewer line troubles from becoming a major headache, look out for these signs that you need it replaced.

4 Signs You Need a Sewer Line Replacement

  1. Sewage smell: Having a home or outside area that consistently smells like sewage is not only disgusting, but it could also be hazardous to your health if inhaled too much.
  2. Slow to drain, or not draining, sinks: If water is backing up into your tub or if notice that none of your sinks are draining, then chances are your sewer pipes are blocked. Also pay attention to any unusual gurgling sounds you may here, as that’s a pretty good indication that you are having sewer problems.
  3. Toilet bowl doesn’t fill: You know the drill with your toilet – you flush and the bowl fills. So, if something seems off and it’s not filling all the way, it’s probably a good idea to consider your sewer line and whether other fixtures in your home have been acting up.
  4. Standing water: Take a look at the sewer pipe from where your home meets the city’s sewer system. Do you notice any puddles of water or random soft spots in the yard? If so, then you have a broken sewer line.


While most of these signs would definitely indicate a broken sewer line, the only way to truly be sure is to have a professional come out and inspect it. Jones Services can be there for you anytime you need us.

A sewer line – one beyond repair – is not something you want to leave out of service for too long. Call Jones Services for more information on sewer line replacement or to schedule service today!

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