Three New Ductless Systems for Hudson Valley Home

The owners of this spacious contemporary home in Hudson Valley knew that their existing air conditioning system was struggling to keep up during the summer heat. After spending the last few years with an AC system that was costing a fortune to run and leaving their home with hot and cold spots, it was time for a change. Researching the most energy-efficient HVAC systems brought them to Jones Services and the Mitsubishi ductless AC systems that our team has installed throughout the years. These incredibly efficient HVAC systems are some of the best available on the market today, and they make the perfect solution for almost any home. Knowing that this was bound to be a pretty large project to replace the entire air conditioning system in this contemporary home, the owners called Jones Services right away to schedule a consultation.

The Problem: A large contemporary home in Hudson Valley needed an upgrade to its existing air conditioning system in order to keep energy bills affordable in the summer and provide better heating and cooling throughout the home.

The Solution:  Jones Services designed a three-system Mitsubishi ductless AC installation that would provide better, more efficiently treated air everywhere throughout the home and help them save on their monthly expenses.

Example of three outdoor condenser units installed for Hudson Valley home HVAC replacement.

The Design

Before the installation could begin, the technician needed to inspect the existing system to see what was still in working order. After touring the home and getting a look at the oil heating system, the old air conditioning units, and the ductwork, it was determined that the oil heating system was an excellent supplemental heating option, but everything else would need to be removed.

Going off this assessment, the team designed a three-system Mitsubishi Electric ductless AC system with multiple zones to provide premium heating and cooling throughout the home. Additionally, the team chose to make use of the existing ductwork and create a hybrid system with ducted and ductless heating and cooling. The Mitsubishi ductless systems all offer both heating and cooling options, so they will be able to keep the house comfortable all year long efficiently.

Four outdoor air condensers were installed outside the home where they would be easy to access for maintenance and repairs but out of sight for the most part. These units were all mounted on concrete pads to ensure they stay free and clear of snow and debris that could clog the system.

Additionally, the team installed four thermostats to give the family complete control over the new system and remotes to allow adjustments to be made without the need to go directly to the thermostat. Another incredible feature of the Mitsubishi ductless system is that is can be controlled from your smartphone using the Kumo cloud app.

Junction box installed in Hudson Valley contemporary home for Mitsubishi ductless AC system.

The Installation

Installing the system is easy once the old units were removed. Unlike the old ACs, the ductless wall mounted units do not require ductwork to pump the air throughout the home. Instead, they are mounted on the walls, where they are out of reach and can provide the most efficient airflow throughout the room. A small hole is drilled into the wall behind the unit to allow the piping to be fed through the walls to the outdoor condenser units.

This piping is thin and flexible, making it easy to feed through the walls like electrical wiring. Then the treated air is pumped from the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air handler with almost no loss of energy, which makes them incredible energy-efficient systems.

The first system had two units attached to its outdoor condenser. The first was in the master bedroom, and the second was installed in the living room. Next, the team installed a second unit in the living room and another in the theater room to provide the optimal cooling and heating for these rooms. Another set of ductless ACs were installed in the basement and the first floor, and the last to be installed was the second-floor bedroom unit. All of the refrigerant piping was removed, and new piping was installed to ensure the system runs smoothly for years to come.

Example of an indoor Mitsubishi ductless AC installed in a contemporary home in Hudson Valley. 

The Benefits

Switching their home over to a ductless system will help this family to save big on their energy bills as well and provide better comfort throughout the house. These Mitsubishi ductless AC systems function with a high-efficiency inverter heat pump, which allows them to function even in extreme temperatures.

The owners will start to see a difference in their energy bills right away, thanks to the efficiency of the Mitsubishi Electric ductless system. The high-quality air conditioning in the summer is paired with humidity control that will keep every room in the house comfortable.

Another amazing feature of the Mitsubishi ductless system is that each of the units operates independently from one another. This allows the family to adjust their comfort levels in the various rooms without affecting the whole system. Additionally, the Kumo cloud app allows for remote adjustments from your phone.

The Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning units all operate at a whisper-quiet level and double as a supplemental heating system for the existing oil heat. This will help to cut the energy costs for this family throughout the year. Because of the size of this project and the upgrade to the efficiency of the home, these homeowners were able to qualify for $27,500 in rebates!

Updated indoor air handlers for the ducted HVAC system in this Hudson Valley home.

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