What To Check During A Plumbing Inspection

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A plumbing inspection should be your top priority if you just moved into a new home. While you are no doubt unpacking boxes and putting new furniture into your living room, you cannot lose sight of your plumbing needs during this exciting time. Before you move in, you need to inspect the most important fixtures in your home to ensure they are working well and not on the verge of collapse. If not, your new place of residence may turn into a house of plumbing horrors. Toilets may leak and overflow, pipes may break apart, and your water heater may stop producing hot water altogether. This can greatly take away from your home’s convenience, and certainly not what you want when you are simply trying to settle into your new home comfortably.  Homes with faulty plumbing do not exactly gain the attention of any potential buyer, so you may find yourself in home with lower property resale value as well. You shouldn’t allow your move-in to be ruined by a few faulty fixtures so don’t hesitate to call for service when you are looking to repair your plumbing system.

Why You Should Call Jones Services 

Jones Services is here to provide you with high-quality plumbing services, especially if you want to enjoy life in your new home to its fullest. Our team of plumbers offer dedicated customer service that will always go the extra mile. We can inspect your plumbing system down to the last detail. We’ll ensure leaks are stopped, bacteria is ridden, and even ensure your water heater produces hot water better than ever before. You should always feel free to call us for service at any time of the year, and we’ll have a plumber readily available for you. Once we work on your plumbing system, you can expect to see lower utility bills, gallons of water saved, and a better peace of mind knowing you have fixtures keeping your home safe. In fact, the EPA reports you could save 10% on water bills if you call for leak repair, so don’t hesitate to give our phones a ring to save some cash.

4 Plumbing Fixtures To Check During A Plumbing Inspection

In addition to Jones providing you with service, you should also give your new home’s plumbing system a closer look. In particular, you should be checking out these 4 highly essential plumbing fixtures:

  1. Main Sewer: Sewer leaks are one of the most unsanitary plumbing issues you can experience. Before purchasing the home, ask the current homeowner about the last time they sought sewer maintenance services. If it’s too far in the past for your liking (ideally, sewer maintenance should be done annually), you may need to consider what needs to be done in order to ensure your sewer remains in working order. You may need to have a plumber perform video camera inspection to determine if there is any blockage in the line.
  2. Pipes: Even though they’re essentially to keeping your plumbing system running, many homeowners will often overlook pipes. This is largely due to them being located underground and in between walls, although they may be visible outdoors and in the basement. Since they’re not immediately visible, pipe problems will persist without the homeowner even knowing of problems at all. Signs of failing pipes may pop up around your home in some unexpected ways various ways around the house, including: low water pressure, damp walls and floors, and worst of all, high costs on plumbing bills. Make sure you have a plumber also provide camera inspection for piping to ensure there are no blockages, leaks, and that the sewer line does not include cast-iron or clay pipes.
  3. Toilets: Toilets today are built to last for years, but leaks and clogs still remain a common occurrence. Though some homeowners will not interpret small toilet leaks a a big deal, it can soon turn into your next plumbing nightmare. Water leaks from the toilet will allow the area surrounding the base to become soft or discolored, which will only get worse if leaks are not inspected. If the toilet looks beyond repair, replacing it will be the better option. You can save 1,300 gallons of water a year for the entire lifespan of the toilet just by replacing the old with the new.
  4. Water Heaters: Hot water is absolutely essential in your home. You would not be able to function without it. If your water heater is not working up to par, you can say goodbye to hot showers, clean dishes, and laundry. Therefore, it is highly important you make sure the water heater is maintained and ready to roll as soon as you move in. Calling a plumber for water heater maintenance will ensure the system remains issue-free for the next 12 months. This step is especially important now that we are coming into the colder months of the year.

Don’t Let A Plumbing Emergency Sneak Up On You This Fall – Schedule A Plumbing Inspection Today

Contact Jones Services today if you want to live comfortably and conveniently this season thanks to an in-depth plumbing inspection!

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