How Your Old Furnace Can Be Dangerous To Your Health


The overall health and wellbeing of your family should be your top priority. This should be a major concern for your local service provider as well. Whenever any maintenance or installation takes place in your home, professionals want to leave knowing that they did the job to the best of their ability. When your furnace is considerably old, it may leave wiggle room for error despite professional maintenance.

There is always a possibility that something can break or malfunction with your heating system, so it’s very important that you are aware of the risks. As a homeowner, its your responsibility to recognize the problems and have them fixed before they get the chance to escalate. If you currently have a furnace working in your home that needs to be replaced, here are a few ways that it may be negatively affecting your health:

Financial Stress

Worrying about funds is in the back of most people’s minds. Even with the added stress that comes with owning a home, you should always feel comfortable inside of it. If your furnace is old, damaged, or working inefficiently, your electric bills may skyrocket as a result. An old or outdated system may be leaking heat or wasting energy as well. If you notice that your utility bill has substantially increased, you may need a new furnace. This decision will pay for itself over time, and you will notice the benefits of an upgraded system almost immediately. The more you save in utilities, the less stress you will have!

Breathing Problems

A furnace that isn’t working properly will likely affect the air quality in your home. If you notice an increase in breathing problems among your family members, such as asthma or other chest related illnesses, your furnace may be to blame. An outdated or damaged furnace can force dust, mold, and other pathogens out into the air in your home. Your air quality is extremely important, so you should call a professional at the first sign of symptoms.  

Fire Hazard

Smelling faint hints of gas or oil coming from your furnace isn’t too uncommon when you turn it on the first few times. After using it two or three times consecutively, the odor should disappear. Strange scents are an indication that something isn’t working properly, and gas or oil leaked can be a safety hazard. You should contact a professional immediately.

Dangerous Carbon Monoxide

Out of all the potentially dangerous situations that could arise from your old furnace, this one is the most dangerous. You should inspect your pilot regularly, and take note of its color. If the flame is blue, you can have peace of mind knowing that the gases inside your furnace are working together in perfect harmony. If you see that the light is yellow, it means that the balance is off, and that carbon monoxide may be leaking into your home. Carbon monoxide can be dangerous and fatal for your family, so check your pilot light often.

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