Oil to Gas Conversion in Goshen

What You Need to Know About Oil to Gas Conversion

Are you considering converting your oil furnace to run on natural gas? If so, you are making a smart and responsible investment. If you’ve looked into the conversion process, you probably are already well-aware of some of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of gas heating.

What can you expect from the installation process, though? Continue reading this blog to become more informed and to make your oil to gas conversion a smooth process.

Breaking Down the Oil to Gas Conversion Process

  1. First, you need to sign off on a gas agreement with your area’s corresponding grid. The installation company you choose to partner with (Jones Services would be more than happy to help you) will guide you through this part of the process.
  2. You will need to receive the proper plumbing permits that are necessary for the oil to gas conversion process. This is a critical step to the conversion and is one that should not be taken lightly!
  3. Determine and schedule a target date to run your main gas line.
  4. Once the line is set in place, the service professionals you have hired will run the gas line and install a chimney liner. The line is tested for no less than 30 minutes at 5 psi.
  5. A representative from the town clerk’s office will come to your home to perform a gas pressure test. Once this test is completed and passed, you will receive a pink card.
  6. A date to have your area’s grid hang the customer’s meter is given. When the meter is hung, the company you have hired to do the installation will have complete control of the job from here on out.
  7. The company you have hired will come in to remove and install your new heating and hot water equipment within one day’s time. If you go with Jones Services, a field-foreman will always be on site, all debris will be removed from the installation site, and your home will be left spotless.
  8. The company you’ve hired should come back the following day to do any needed fine-tuning and perform an extensive inspection.
  9. The town clerk’s representative will perform a final inspection.
  10. For as long as your warranty lasts, a service expert will come to your home each year to turn on your equipment for the season.

The return on your natural gas investment averages at about four years, so make sure to choose a warranty that makes the most sense for you. Any reliable installation company will make this unfamiliar process a simple one for you and your home. With natural gas heating, you will save money and be helping the environment, as natural gas is much better for the environment than oil.

Looking to make the conversion from oil to gas? Call Jones Services today!

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