Oil Heating in Middletown, NY

Gas flame in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

Here in the Middletown, Goshen, Warwick, and Orange areas of New York, many homeowners are still using oil heating to get their homes through the winter.  Why?

Our homes are far older than homes built in the Western suburbs or even metropolitan areas like NYC. As a result, our home’s temperature control systems are typically outdated and less efficient than newer, more innovative heating methods. Oil heating systems in particular can be expensive, inefficient, and even hazardous to your home.

Jones Services wants to help you be informed about your heating and make the best decisions for your home. A local Jones Heating professional can perform an inspection of your heating system and deliver a consultation on system upgrade! Expert advice is always best when it comes to your home’s safety and efficiency. However, there are some things you should know on your own!

The Dangers of Oil Home Heating Systems — Heating Oil Waxing

Residential heating systems typically use number 2 type fuel if they’re heating with oil. At certain temperatures, No. 2 oil begins to “cloud,” wax,” or “gel,” meaning it becomes more viscous. The minimum temperature at which oil will continue to flow is known as the “pour point,” and although it may very depending on oil quality it generally won’t be below 20 degrees fareneheit. After that, the fuel starts to develop “crystals,” wax platelets made from long hydrocarbon chains that slow oils motion.

When it reaches a certain level of viscosity, oil can cause:

  • Oil Piping Clogs
  • Filter Damage
  • Loss of Heat

Heating oil tends to start waxing, gelling, and clouding at about 16 degrees Fahrenheit. When was the last time it was 16 degrees Fahrenheit in Middletown? Not particularly long ago. That’s why so many people start to notice poor heating performance in this time of year. Between early February and mid-March, oil starts “waxing” and causing all sorts of issues for Middletown homeowners.

The Jones professionals can help.

Converting to Natural Gas Heating

The safe and efficient alternative to oil heating is natural gas. Since the 1960s, the percentage of homes using exclusively oil has been in steep decline. That’s because people noticed the huge advantages of natural gas and have been making the switch! As a fuel source for heating your home, natural gas is:

  • More Efficient- Get better heating without breaking the bank! Natural gas is typically 20 to 30% more efficient than oil.
  • More Affordable– Since natural gas can be produced domestically, it is typically far less expensive. In 2012, a home using natural gas spent about $750 over the course of the Winter — a home using oil spent more than $2100!
  • Safer for the Environment- When burned, natural gas releases fewer carbon emissions, meaning a lower carbon footprint.
  • More Reliable– Natural gas doesn’t have any issue with waxing, so you get to enjoy peace of mind all winter long!

The winter is almost over, but it’s not too late to make the switch. Call Jones Services today to learn more about natural gas heating and how to avoid the dangers of oil. Request a consultation on an oil to gas conversion today!

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