Newburgh Drain Cleaning: 3 Tips for Homeowners

woman using plunger on sink

Nothing can diminish your holiday spirits faster than a drain clog, and you need effective Newburgh drain cleaning immediately so you can keep plumbing problems from ruining your holiday. Unfortunately, many homeowners will often attempt to clean drains themselves, which can only lead to mistakes that will actually damage drains more than help. But do-it-yourself drain cleaning done right is still possible!

As the leading Newburgh drain cleaning service, Jones Services is here to tell you about the steps you can take to ensure your holidays aren’t ruined by clogs. The best part is that these solutions are free of charge and with the right resources, they can be found in your own home. Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to be this super-intense do-it-yourselfer to do your share in keeping drains clean and improving your home’s plumbing.

What Sort of Newburgh Drain Cleaning Can You Do?

At Jones Services, we always take interest in educating customers on what they can do to better their plumbing system.  Here are a few easy tips for you to follow:

  • Use a Plunger: For minor clogs, the plunger should absolutely be your first step in keeping your drains clean. The plunger is cheap, simple, and can be purchased at the local grocery store. Always keep it handy for an emergency situation because, as we all know, emergencies with your drains can happen at any time. It’s the smallest yet most effective drain cleaning solution!
  • Mix Baking Soda with Vinegar: It may seem silly, but baking soda and vinegar proves to be an amazing collaboration in the fight against drain clogs.  The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can actually eliminate a buildup of hair, grease, or food. It can loosen any grimy sludge sticking to your drains and push it out. Again, it may not appear effective but once you use it, you’ll be singing praise for it no time!
  • Use Boiled Water: As you may know, things simply clean better with hot water. Boiled water poured down your drain is an easy way to get rid of a simple clog.  Get a large kettle or pot and boil water on the stove. Then slowly pour the water down the drain and allow it to free up a clog.

Contact Jones Services today if you want to learn more on how you can stop drain clogs to ensure better Newburgh drain cleaning!

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