Improve Home Comfort Now: 8 Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation This Fall

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It may be hard for you to admit, but summer is over. Hot, sunny days will soon be replaced with longer nights and cold weather. The only question is: are you ready? You may be breaking out the blankets and sweatshirts, but how about your furnace? Above all else, you need to make sure your furnace is ready to go for the season ahead. However, you may be shocked to discover it not working at all and leaving you in a position where you will need to call for a furnace installation. Not calling for a new furnace installation when it is perfectly clear that you need it may prove to be your worst mistake this fall, as you may experience setbacks like high energy costs and poor indoor air quality.

If you want to avoid the trouble, please call Jones Services for furnace installation immediately. Our team of service professionals will be work with you in assessing what needs to be done to meet your heating needs immediately. We house several of the latest makes and models of heating systems so you can equipped with highly-efficient, longer-lasting warm air. Whether your furnace is old or you are moving into a new home that does not yet have a heating system installed, our service professionals will help you through every step of the process in keeping your home warm.

Top 8 Warning Signs You Need Furnace Installation

Not sure if you need a new furnace this fall? Well, fortunately, deciding on replacement does not need to be difficult. There are several indicators you can notice around the house telling the time for a new furnace is now. If you think your heating system needs to be replaced, here are 8 common warning signs that will confirm your suspicions:

  • Cold Spots: It is always a bad sign if you feel a draft while your furnace is running. If it stops working properly, cold spots in your home will become much more common. You may even notice ice forming on your roof, which is a sign that heat is not going to the areas of your home in need of it. Cold spots can greatly detract from the level of comfort in your home considerably, so it will be better to purchase a new system sooner than later.
  • Old Age of a Furnace: Though the average furnace today can last between 15 to 20 years, you also run a higher risk of experiencing issues if you stick with a furnace any older than that. You may try to troubleshoot your furnace, but that will only cost you more money in repairs. Instead may be a better option to simply replace it with a new furnace that will be more likely to provide reliable heat without the additional spending.
  • Higher Costs on Bills: Did your jaw just hit the floor looking at the cost of your latest energy bill? The blame may be on your furnace, especially if it is no longer working properly. A faulty furnace will consume more energy to produce heat, taking out a significant portion of your savings in the process. If these bills are getting too high in cost for you to handle, getting a new furnace will save so much more money in the long-term.
  • Indoor Air Quality Problems: Dust, mold, and other allergens will permeate through the air in your home once your furnace stops working. This will greatly detract from your indoor air problems, even to the point where it can be a struggle to catch a breath of fresh air at all. When your heating system negatively impacts the well-being of your family, especially any members of your family with asthma or allergies, you need to take action immediately in replacing it.
  • Gas Odors: Are you noticing gas odors permeating throughout your home? Though a new furnace will usually emit the odor of fresh gas when it runs for the first time, you need to call a service professional to inspect the system if the smell continues. Do not just assume these odors are harmless. Depending on their source, they could risk bringing harming to the environment and greater your carbon footprint.  Plus, at their least inconvenient, the odors themselves are unpleasant to live with.
  • Furnace Frequently Turning On and Off: Are you noticing your furnace frequently turning on and off, much to your frustration? It could be due to a wide variety of reasons including faulty wiring, a broken fan motor, or even pilot light issues. Regardless, this will do a number on your energy efficiency, leaving you without consistent, reliable heat and double the cost on your energy bills. Replacing will save you the frustration and the money of having to pay off those high costs.
  • Loud Noises: You should be concerned once your furnace begins to perform its own rock concert right from the comfort of your home. Crashing, banging, and groaning— these sounds will not be pleasant to your ears. It may even sound like the entire furnace is ready to spontaneously combust, although perhaps the reality of the situation isn’t nearly as drastic. They can be indicative of all sorts of problems with the system and it may be better to get a new system altogether before something worse occurs.
  • Yellow Pilot Light: The pilot light on your furnace should always be blue. When it turns yellow, it’s not just some fluke change in colors; it’s a sign of carbon monoxide. Since it is odorless, noticing a change in the color of a furnace’s pilot light is one of the most helpful signs in alerting you of carbon monoxide’s presence and that it is time to do whatever it takes in keeping your home safe. If it means replacing your entire furnace, the team at Jones Services is more than ready to help.

Contact Jones Services today if you need high-quality furnace installation that will provide you with consistent, comforting heat just in time for the fall and winter!

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