Multi-Zone HVAC System for Home in Goshen, NY


This gorgeous multi-level home in Goshen, NY, was equipped with an oil furnace to provide heating for the entire house. Unfortunately, more ductwork was installed as the family added on to the home, but the furnace was never reevaluated for efficiency. On top of that, the oil furnace was over seventeen years old and well past its life expectancy. 

Because of this oversight, the homeowners were trying to heat a multiple-story home with additions using a single-zoned heating system. The system’s poor design left the family with extremely high energy bills throughout the winter and areas of the house that never got to a comfortable temperature.

After struggling through the colder months, the owner decided that enough was enough and gave Jones Services a call. Our years of experience revamping outdated HVAC systems and the five-star reviews from previous customers were some of the reasons they chose to go with Jones Services for their upgrade. 

The Problem: This multi-story home in Goshen, NY, had rooms added over time and new ductwork installed without adding more zones of comfort. The family was left with hot and cold spots throughout the home and a heating system that cost a fortune. 

The Solution: Jones Services upgraded the home’s ductwork and installed two Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps to provide the house with a multi-zoned HVAC system for better heating throughout the winters.

The Design

When the additions to this two-story home were added, Jones Services installed new ductwork to connect the new rooms to the existing HVAC system. Unfortunately, the oil furnace was installed initially as a single-zone system for the entire house. This design meant that there was one thermostat that controlled both levels of the home. 

When the new rooms were added, new ductwork was run to the rooms without reevaluating whether or not the system could handle the additional space. Another problem with this design is that it did not give the family precise control, leaving some of the rooms chilly while others were overheated. 

The new system would combine ducted and ductless units to give the family multiple zones of comfort. Two outdoor Mitsubishi condenser units with high-quality heat pumps would need to be installed outside the home to pump the treated air to the indoor air handlers. A new air handler was needed in the attic where it could pump the air through the existing ductwork more efficiently.

The Installation

Before our technician could install any new equipment, the outdated units had to be removed. Jones Services took care of removing all of the existing air handlers, the outdoor units, and any unnecessary ductwork and refrigerant lines.

Next, two new condenser units with high-efficiency heat pumps were installed outside the home. These 3.5-ton 42K mini-split heat pumps will ensure that every zone of the house is heated comfortably throughout the winter. 

Inside the home, the new air handler was installed in the attic and patched into the existing ductwork. The new refrigerant lines were installed and charged with 410a refrigerant. Two Kumo cloud as thermostats were set up throughout the home to give the family complete control over the comfort of the system as a whole.

The Benefits

The design of this HVAC system gives the family more control over their home’s comfort and will help lower their energy bills. Now that the new multi-zoned HVAC system is appropriately equipped to handle the size of the house, the family will see a significant improvement in their energy bills and the comfort of their home over the winter. 

The Kumo cloud app will give the owner control over the HVAC system from an app on their smartphone. This improvement makes it easier than ever to adjust the temperature of their house on the way home from work or turn on the heat from the comfort of your bed. 

Additionally, because of the efficiency of the new Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps and the added air handlers, the owners were able to apply for a rebate. The rebate they qualified for was $15,000! This helped them to save on the installation costs so that they can start enjoying the additional savings on their energy bills right away! 

How Can Jones Services Improve Your Home?

Are you fighting with your home’s HVAC system all year long? If you’re tired of experiencing hot and cold spots throughout your home or dealing with rooms that are never quite comfortable, we can help!

At Jones Services, we work with you personally to design an HVAC system that fits your needs and helps you achieve the comfort you crave in your home. We have experience with all kinds of HVAC systems, including ductless mini-split systems, central heating and AC, and more! If you’ll looking to have your home’s air conditioning or furnace improved, call Jones Services today for a consultation!

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