Monroe Residents: Stay on Top of Your AC Maintenance This Summer

Outside Air Conditioning bretheon

To help you keep your AC system working properly, our AC maintenance experts at Jones Services suggest you schedule regular, air conditioning maintenance sessions with us in Monroe at least twice a year. Our professional, AC services will prevent any minor issues from blowing up into more expensive ones.

Our licensed AC specialists want to give you 3 AC maintenance tips for your AC system, so you can preserve your home in Monroe at a suitably cool temperature during the hot summer season.

As you probably already know, your AC system has two major components:

• The Condenser is the air conditioning unit outside your home, mounted on a cement slab.
• The Evap¬orator is the air conditioning device mounted above your furnace.

1. Give Your Evaporator a Full Cleaning Once Every Year

Carefully take off the foil cover, and unscrew the plate. With a rough bristle brush, scrub the underside of the evaporator, reaching back as far as you can. To make sure you’re going back as far as possible, you should be able to slide the evaporator out a little. Be cautious not to bend any pipes in the process. Make sure to clean the tray under the evaporator as well. Pour one tablespoon of bleach in the tray’s hole to prevent mold from growing. Put everything back where you found it, turn your AC on, and check for any leaks.

2. Cleaning and Properly Maintaining the Condenser

Before turning the power off, make sure you note which side of the fan blades are moving which way. You need to clean the fan’s side that goes across the condenser on the intake side, since dirt and grime can easily build up there.
Shut the power off and mow down any grass, weeds or any objects obstructing the flow of air to the condenser. Clean the entire condenser unit with a specialized coil cleaner and let dry. Then, take off the grille and delicately scrub the fins with a soft brush, straightening out any fins that are bent with a fin comb. You can find fin combs at most hardware stores. Make sure the concrete slab the condenser is on is level as well. You’ll also want to keep your condenser covered up during the winter.

3. Use Caution When Working with the Refrigerant, Freon

Most likely, your air conditioning unit uses a refrigerant named Freon. Without this special refrigerant, no cooling would happen. If you think you have a cooling issue, a recharge may be what you need. But do not recharge the refrigerant lines yourself. Call our trained, AC maintenance specialists at Jones Services in Monroe so we can take care of this job safely and professionally.

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