Mitsubishi Mini Split Installed to Upgrade Colonial Home

The homeowners of this Colonial in Goshen, NY, love that their house is in an excellent location for their family. The floor plan fits their family’s needs and offered the space everyone needed to feel comfortable in their home.

Unfortunately, the existing air conditioning system with two zones was in desperate need of replacement. After growing tired of dealing with expensive energy bills from the inefficient old AC, the homeowners decided it was time to upgrade. They contacted Jones Services to discuss their options for replacement HVAC systems. 

The Problem: Colonial home in Goshen, NY, had an existing air conditioning system that was outdated and in need of replacement. 

The Solution: Jones Services upgraded the existing system with a Mitsubishi Electric mini split AC system with Hyper Heat and three zones of comfort to give the family energy-efficient heating and cooling using their existing ductwork.

Designing the New Mitsubishi Mini Split System 

Before the team at Jones Services could begin work on this home, they needed to assess the existing system and the condition of the ductwork in the house. Meeting with the family and getting a feel for the home helped the team develop the ideal design for the home using the existing ductwork and replacing the air conditioners with energy-efficient Mitsubishi AC units instead.

Upgrading the Existing HVAC System with Mitsubishi Electric

All of the existing AC units and refrigerant piping had to be removed before the new AC units could be installed. Additionally, all refrigerant piping from the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air handler needed replacement, as well. So, the team made sure to clear away all of the coolant and refrigerant piping from the home to be replaced with new pipes. So, the Jones Services team started by ensuring the equipment was removed safely and disposed of properly before they began to prepare the space for the new air conditioning units. 

The Mitsubishi P-Series Multi-Position Mini Split Heat Pump System was installed after the team cleaned out the ductwork to ensure the new system could run at maximum efficiency. The new system included an outdoor condenser unit with a high-efficiency heat pump to ensure that the Mitsubishi system will continue to offer reliable heating and air conditioning even in extreme temperatures. 

The Jones Service team ran all new refrigerant piping from the outdoor condenser to the new Mitsubishi air handler installed in the attic of the home. The team patched the new air conditioning unit straight into the existing ductwork so that it would easily pump air throughout the house. 

Enjoying the Benefits

This Colonial home’s old air conditioning system was costing the family a fortune to run because it was out-of-date and highly inefficient. With the new system, the family will be able to get reliable heating and cooling all year long for less, thanks to the innovative design.  

Additionally, the family was able to save on their installation by using the existing ductwork in the home. Another great benefit of this upgrade is that the Mitsubishi mini-split system with Hyper Heating offers high-quality air conditioning in the summer and energy-efficient heating in the winter. 

Now, the family will see energy savings all year long! Another incredible benefit is the $14,380 rebate the owners qualified for by upgrading their home. 

Need an HVAC Upgrade? 

Are you tired of overpaying for your heating and air conditioning? If you’re drowning beneath energy bills, it may be a sign of an out-of-date system or an inefficient heating and cooling solution for your home. 

At Jones Services, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality customer service and reliable solutions to keep your home comfortable all year long. Call today to get a quote.

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