Ask Our Middletown, NY Electrician: When is it Time for an Outlet & Switch Upgrade?

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Turning on the lights in your Middletown, NY home should be as easy as flicking a switch. However, as homes age over the years, these simple appliances can begin to wear and fade. Older homes with outdated outlets and switches may need a visit by an electrician to keep your home in working order. Aging outlets and switches are less efficient and can end up costing you more on your electric bills and have a higher risk of starting electrical fire. Knowing when it’s time to call a Middletown, NY electrician can be a critical component for your home’s efficiency and safety.

Below, our professionals at Jones Services have compiled a few signs it’s time for an outlet and switch upgrade in your home.

  • Your Home Is Like A Horror Film: Flickering lights that go out at the worst times are a staple of horror movies across the globe, but they shouldn’t be a staple in your home. If the lights flicker in your home, don’t call the ghost busters just yet; instead, contact a local Middletown NY, electrician. Chances are it’s just aging and frayed wiring, not the ghost of a former owner.
  • Dead Outlets: Electrical outlets shouldn’t just die out for no reason, and if they do cease working, there’s no sense in leaving them that way. If you have dead outlets littering your home, it’s definitely time to call an electrician to get them back up to working order.
  • A Scent of Burning: If you smell something burning in your home and you’re sure it’s not the casserole, it may be the electric outlets. Leaving outdated outlets and switches in the wall can do more than just skyrocket your electrical bills. Aging and frayed wires can short circuit and lead to electrical fire in your home, endangering you and your family. If you catch a scent of something burning from your outlets, you’re overdue for a visit from a Middletown NY, electrician.

When it comes to power and lighting in your home, you don’t want to be dealing with faulty and unsafe wiring. Calling an electrician to inspect and replace old outlets and switches can improve both your monthly electric bills and the safety of your home. For any repairs needed from a local Middletown, NY electrician, Jones Services is happy to keep your house in power.

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