Join the Jones Services University

Graduates of our apprenticeship program are eligible for even more training at our strategic partner The Ultimate Technical Academy as well as Advanced Service System Training, NATE certification training for our HVAC apprentices and Generac Auto Standby Generator Training for our Electrical Apprentices.

*Jones Services University is the name our apprenticeship program and not a formal accredited learning institution

Currently there is a nationwide shortage of skilled and experienced heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical professionals. And this problem is only going to get worse as more experienced trade professionals are retiring every day while less men and women are enrolling into trade schools and pursuing careers in the trades.

To ensure our ability to take care of our customers, we needed to take action. The action we took was to launch Jones Services University.

Jones Services University is unique, it’s a different type of learning experience. Our mission is to prepare, train and develop men and women for outstanding careers in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades. We do this by focusing our curriculum on the practical application of these sciences and not on general knowledge.

We are also differ from other universities in that all our enrolled scholars are employees of Jones Services. Their enrollment is paid for with sign on bonus scholarships. None of our students need to pay to learn and master their chosen trade.

We use the latest and greatest educational software and technology to accelerate our HVAC, plumbing and electrical apprentice learning. The technology allow sour scholars the additional flexibility to learn at their own pace.

The best part, that upon graduation, our graduates are not deeply in debt and having to search for jobs. Rather they are promoted into an installer or technician position and are well on your way to an amazing career.

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