How to Guarantee Better Heating in Middletown

Gas flame in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

The winter is finally winding down, and the bitter cold has started to melt away. Still, there’s a little more time left in the winter for us to get through, so why not enjoy it with warmer, cozier heating? The Jones Services professionals have put together this list of expert advice for conserving energy, saving money, and getting better heating all year long. Use these tips this year and next to stay warm night and day, even in the coldest of Middletown winters!

10 Ways to Heat Your Home for Less

Many homeowners in the Goshen, Warwick, and Middletown area have older homes, which typically means weak or eroded insulation. It’s tough to keep a house warm when the heat keeps going out the window — and your energy bill money with it! But by following these ten tips, you can start to experience better and more efficient heating while saving money on your monthly heating bill. Jones Services wants to help!

  • Let in Sunlight During the Day, Close the Curtains at Night– Here’s something you can do on your own and for free to immediately improve your heat! The days are starting to get longer, and with the sun finally coming out again you can warm your home naturally just by leaving the curtains open. When it gets dark, draw the shades — the heat will be trapped inside.
  • Use Your Ceiling Fan– You probably thought your ceiling fan was just for cooling, didn’t you? Well, if your fan has a clockwise “winter” setting, you can actually use it to push warm air back down to where you can feel it. Otherwise, hot air will rise above your head.
  • Shut Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use– Do you have a storage or utility room that no one ever really uses? You can save money on heat and get more of it in your actual living spaces by closing the ventilation in those rooms. Just use the switch to close the slats! But remember, you need to close the door to that room. You can even place a towel underneath the door if there’s a gap, that way you ensure no heat escapes.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat– With modern HVAC technology, you’re now able to have a thermostat that learns  when you need to have heat and what the temperature should be! Never waste money by heating the home when you’re not there. A state-of-the-art Nest or Honeywell thermostat can be controlled remotely and timed to the minute!
  • Counter the “Stack Effect”– As air moves through your home, it frequently is drawn from one room to the next through openings such as your chimney. The “stack effect” refers to the issue of rising warm air pulling cold air in from the outside — it’s a bit like suction in that the cold air is pulled into the space the warm air leaves. You can counter this by sealing those gaps!

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