How Can Water Softening in Monroe Benefit You?

water running down drain

Ideally, your water supply should be crystal clear at all times so you have safe water to drink and use for other purposes such as washing. However, 85% of water in the United States alone is impacted by one huge problem: hard water. Hard water occurs when levels of calcium and magnesium in the water supply are too high, and result in consequences like skin irritation and less effective dish washing. Plus, hard water can also damage pipes, leading you to pay a hefty price on repairs.

When hard water is giving you too much of a hard time, you should consider water softening in Monroe from Jones Services. Our water softening systems work to eliminate higher levels of calcium and magnesium from your water supply so you’re receiving clean water for showering, cleaning, cooking, and so much more. You need to make sure your family is getting clean water that won’t put their well-being at risk. Best of all, your laundry and dishes will be spotless thanks to clean, clear water!

The Benefits of Water Softening in Monroe

Water softening isn’t just about giving you clean water; it can single-handedly make life in your home much more comfortable. Take a look at how water softening can benefit you:

  • Improved Health: Drinking water with higher levels of calcium and magnesium can be result in some long-term health consequences, but water softening may be what prevents you from spending money on hospital bills. You’ll be able to drink a refreshing glass of water or take a warm, relaxing shower without ever having to worry about how it will impact your health!
  • Cleaner Laundry and Dishes: Without proper water softening, you may even have to replace your entire wardrobe, or it could mean you’ll be eating off paper plates for the remainder of your days! Water softening will preserve both your laundry and dishes by keeping hard water far, far away!
  • Reduced Costs on Bills: Hard water will also result in pipe damage that will force you to spend money on repair, which can vary in price depending on the severity of the damage. If you want to keep repair bills down to a minimum, installing a water softening system in your home is just what you need to save a few extra bucks!

Contact Jones Services today for water softening in Monroe that will help keep water clean and ready to use!

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