The rainy season can be daunting and snow can be bothersome for homeowners with basements that are prone to flooding. You are going to need to be prepared. If you have basement windows that aren’t airtight or area drains that tend to clog, you probably already have a sump pump in those spaces. If your system isn’t ready, you should schedule sump pump services with Jones to prepare.

But is your sump pump ready?

Sump Pump Services in Goshen, NY

You can call a Jones Professional to perform sump pump services, or you can perform this simple test yourself! Watch the video below to see how you can test your sump pump for effectiveness today.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient sump pump to keep your basement clean and dry this season, call in the Jones professionals! We can perform sump pump repair, replacement, and installation of both primary and backup sump pump units. Call today!

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If you need sump pump services, call Jones today!