Your air conditioner has been out of use all winter long — in that time, contaminants and debris have collected on the inside of the device, particularly in the grates known as your evaporator and condenser coils. These coils are the components of your AC primarily responsible for removing heat from your home and, in the process, cooling your indoor air, and when they’re blocked, they have to work harder.

A Jones Services professional can help you  with a full AC system inspection and tune-up — but you can help yourself by performing the simple routine cleaning demonstrated in the video below:

Save money and the energy this season by cleaning your AC coils before the summer gets under way!

Another important step for preparing for the summer is having a professional perform an AC tune-up on your device. Manufacturers and cooling specialists agree that the best way to ensure an AC maintains energy efficiency and lasts for its projected lifespan is to have a professional AC maintenance service performed once a year. The Jones Services experts want you to have efficient, effective temperature control for your home all year round — call for your annual AC maintenance today!

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