10 Heating Maintenance Tips For This Fall

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Heating maintenance is an absolute must with the weather getting chillier by the day. The need for warm air in your home will only increase from this point forward, and you need to make sure your heating system is in fine condition. The National Fire Protection Association reports home heating fires are more likely to occur during the colder months. If you want to avoid a similar situation, you need to take even the most minor heating problems seriously. You do not know what problem could turn your home into a giant safety hazard. Something like a non-working smoke detector or loose electrical connection may prove the one thing putting your family’s welfare at risk. You need to be proactive with your home’s heating. Waiting too late in the season to do something about your heating woes could mean all the difference in how much you relax this season.

How Can Jones Services Help You?

Fortunately, if you do feel like your home is not secure enough this fall, Jones Services is ready to provide heating maintenance at any time. We want to see homeowners across the area live comfortably in their home throughout the season. If that means just fixing a few small problems here and there, we are more than up for the task. Once we detect any issues that may put your safety at risk, we will quickly make any HVAC repair or replacement necessary. Even better, our service professionals specialize in customer service. They will listen to your every word and make sure your unique heating needs are met. In addition, if you have any burning questions on heating systems, we can answer them. Thanks to our help, you can enjoy lower spending on bills, extended heating system lifespan, and improved heating efficiency. Best of all, we can keep your family from danger so you can relax in your home.

The 10 Tips You Should Know This Fall

Heating safety and heating maintenance go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other. While we can provide amazing service keeping you safe and warm this fall, here are 10 tips for you to follow this season to further guarantee your comfort:

  1. Add a Metal or Glass Door to Fireplaces: If left uncovered, any stray sparks from your fireplace can jump out and land onto the surrounding area, resulting in a fire that can spread quickly. Luckily, Jones Services is your leading service for all your fireplace needs, so call us to install a metal or glass screen to prevent this situation.
  2. Keep a Safe Distance from Your Furnace: You need to keep at least 3 feet away from the heating system to avoid injury. You also need to remove any clutter in the surrounding area like laundry or newspaper, as a spark from the furnace can easily set these belongings on fire.
  3. Turn off Portable Heaters: That portable heater may work wonders in providing warm air when you need it, but please remember to turn it off after every use. If not, it will continue to run, allowing for the system to become overheated or malfunction and cause a fire.
  4. Test Smoke Detection: The risk of home heating fires is already high enough this season, which is why you should test smoke detectors monthly. This will help ensure they continue to alert you of a problem immediately and let you know if their batteries are in need of changing.
  5. Change Air Filters: Since your furnace’s air filters can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, they will need to be changed once a month. If not, it will result in blocked air flow only forcing the furnace to work harder.
  6. Call for Chimney Inspection: The chimney in your home should be inspected annually or else a mixture of creosote and soot can build up within, resulting in a huge fire. Confined fires are the most common form of home heating fires, making this step absolutely essential to your safety.
  7. Clean Ventilation System: Poor indoor air quality is another threat to your well-being this season, especially with ventilation systems likely to build up with dust and allergens. The buildup will also hurt the efficiency of your ventilation system due to blocked air flow.
  8. Inspect Electrical Connections: Any loose wiring in a heating system’s electrical connections should not fixed by your own hands and instead by a professional. A service professional at Jones Services will bring the right tools and years of experience required to get the job done.
  9. Inspect Gas Connections: A gas leak is one of the most dangerous hazards you can encounter this season, as it can lead to fires or explosions. Even the smallest gas leak needs immediate attention. The risks of not calling for emergency heating repairs are far too costly for you to pass up.

  10. Call Jones Services for a Furnace Tune-Up: If you haven’t called Jones Services for a furnace tune-up this season, you should do it immediately. We can make sure any issues with your heating system are fixed right before the season begins by giving it a closer look, and saving you money on bills in the process.

Don’t Get Caught In The Cold – Have Your Heating Maintenance Needs Taken Care Of Today

Contact Jones Services today if you want to ensure your safety this fall with our excellent heating maintenance!

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