The Top 7 Heating Maintenance Tips

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Heating maintenance should be considered the number-one priority at this time of year, especially with the weather growing colder and colder by the moment. Remember: while it is important to stay heated at this time of year, you also need to know how to heat your home efficiently. After all, the risk of less-than-efficient heating can be costly. Home heating amounts to over half of your home’s energy budget, and you may be in for a rude awakening in the form of high heating costs if you’re not careful. A lack of maintenance will also see more setbacks than just high heating bills. You will also experience the following: poor energy efficiency, shortened furnace lifespan, inconsistent temperatures in your home, and a greater chance you will need to seek a furnace replacement much sooner than you realize. When you are already so focused on trying to combat the cold weather, you certainly don’t want to deal with any of these troubles. That’s why you should instead take a proactive stance with your home’s heating and brush up on how you can save a few extra dollars throughout the colder months. Even if you think a season of increased spending on heating bills is unavoidable, all it takes is a few steps to change your fortunes for the better.

Why You Should Call Jones Services

If you want high-quality heating services, please call Jones Services immediately. We have a team of local heating contractors who will be available to provide service and be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you from the cold this season. Our service can provide you with several benefits, including plenty of money saved on heating bills and an extension on your heating system’s lifespan. As you may know, the average cost of a furnace today inches closer to $4,000. You need to make sure you are not spending that kind of money during the season, and we’ll make any necessary repairs to ensure you don’t have to encounter a replacement at all. In addition to providing service, we will be able to provide you with a greater understanding of your heating system so you will know how to avoid any costly mistakes in the future.

7 Ways You Can Save Money on Heating Bills

If you want to take action in ensuring improved heating efficiency, please consider these 7 helpful maintenance tips:

  1. Let in Sunshine: Even if we will have a higher chance of rain and snow over the next few months, you should take advantage of the sunnier days of the season. Opening your curtains and letting in the sunshine will bring free, natural heat into your home without ever having to turn on the furnace, saving you tons of money on energy bills later in the season.
  2. Invest in Zoning Systems: Many modern furnaces will be equipped with zoning capabilities, which will divide your home into zones and give heat to the rooms needing heat the most. This will prevent heating up rooms in your home that are currently not in use.
  3. Reduce the Temperature on Your Water Heater: Yes, we know: hot water is important during the colder months.  However, your water heater temperature doesn’t need to be so high. Reducing it by a few degrees can reduce the amount of energy used by the water heater when heating up water. It will also prevent the hot water from verging on scalding.
  4. Reduce the Temperature on Your Thermostat: Lower the thermostat down to 68 degrees. This at first may seem preposterous. “Why you would want to reduce temperatures during the winter?” you may ask. But like a water heater, reducing your thermostat’s temperature will help keep your heating system from working as hard and using up more energy to produce heat.
  5. Consider a Programmable Thermostat: A programmable thermostat will give you greater control over the climate in your home, ensuring you have heat at a temperature meeting your unique heating needs. This will also lessen the chance of using more heat than necessary.
  6. Seal Air Leaks: If there are any air leaks in your home, your heating system is having to work much harder in order to keep you comfortable. Sealing air leaks up will reduce the transfer of cold air into your home and prove an excellent way to see a lower heating bill. You will be most likely to find them in attics, basements, and crawl spaces.  Heat tape will prove an effective solution to your home.
  7. Call Jones Services for Annual Heating Maintenance: You should have your heating system inspected by a professional at Jones Services annually.

    One of our local heating contractors will give your furnace a close inspection to ensure it is working its absolute best. They can repair problems if they grow into something much worse and extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Ensure Your Home’s Warmth And Comfort This Fall And Winter – Schedule A Heating Maintenance Service Today

Contact Jones Services today if you want to ensure you save money on bills thanks to our high-quality heating maintenance!

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