Get Ready for the Heat With Professional AC Service in Goshen NY

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Get Ready for the Heat With Professional AC Service in Goshen NY


Summer will be here before you know it. Long days, warm air, and lots of sun! But even with all the good things summer brings, there are other things to consider like heat waves and humidity. Have you decided how you’ll protect yourself and your home over the next few months? It’s time to start thinking about AC service in Goshen. An air conditioner is your best defense against the summer heat. Don’t let your safe-haven become a sauna! For AC service you can count on, contact the professionals at Jones Services. Offering replacements, repairs, and maintenance, Jones is your one-stop shop this spring for all of your AC needs.

Maintaining Your AC Unit

It’s essential that whatever air conditioner or cooling system you’re using this summer be in superb condition. In order to keep your AC unit running smoothly all summer long, you should have it serviced before the heat strikes. A failed AC system is the last thing you want in a heat wave, and could cause a serious emergency. Proper maintenance snips any minor problems in the bud so your device runs efficiently and effectively when you need it most.

Over time, dust and debris settle inside an air conditioner. This can cause several damages including polluting the air in your home. For a safe environment, and cleaner air, you should have your AC unit cleaned annually. A serviced AC also ensures that the device is running optimally. This could save you a ton on energy bills! Old, overused, and damaged AC units have to work harder to meet demands. Don’t let your AC cost more than it should! Call Jones Services today for expert assistance on your device.

Services at Jones

Never try to fix a damaged air conditioner on your own. You could be seriously injured or unknowingly exacerbate the issue. Always call in a service professional like Jones Services! They get the job done right—the first time.

For installation, repair, or maintenance to your AC in Goshen, call the people you can trust at Jones!

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