Furnace Replacement in Middletown, NY

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When you have a high efficiency furnace, winter is no problem! Even the snow and the New York cold won’t bother you when you’re getting premier comfort at a manageable monthly rate on your energy bills. Life is good!

But if you have an older furnace, your experience this winter has probably been very different. Older furnaces tend to suffer wear and tear, accumulate dust and contaminants, and overall operate at a significantly lower efficiency level than newer models. The lifespan of a furnace is typically between 10 and 15 years, but it can be shorter when the furnace has to work really hard — like your furnace probably has to keep your Middletown home warm this winter! If your device has seen better days, you’ll start to notice the following issues:

  • Higher Energy Bills 
  • Loud Noises & Bad Smells
  • Insufficient & Unbalanced Heating
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Complete Heating Failure

Losing heat is a drag, but it’s not even the worst that can happen if you’re working with an older unit. As your furnace ages, it can also pose a health and safety risk: this is because older furnaces can have damaged parts or incomplete combustion, and these factors allow dangerous fuel-burning byproducts such as carbon monoxide to escape into your home!

Don’t risk your comfort and safety working with a old, broken down furnace that’s past it’s warranty or expiration. The experts at Jones Services can help! A Jones Heating specialist can deliver a consultation on furnace installation to help you find the brand new, high efficiency furnace to perfectly fit your home. We make the process of furnace installation easy and unstressful with great financing and rates — call today to ask about our lowest price guarantee! There’s no better time to think of furnace replacement, and there’s no better heating contractor to do it than the professionals at Jones.

What You Get When You Replace Your Old Furnace

ItWhen you work with Jones Services for your furnace replacement, you’ll get:

  • Service Professionals that Arrive On Time and Prepared
  • Better Heating (More Comfortable Winter Round)
  • Lower Heating Bills Each Month
  • Peace of Mind — No More CO Threat!

Stop working with a broken down furnace that makes you pay more for poor and potentially unsafe performance — call Jones today, and we will find the furnace that perfectly fits your home!


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