Furnace Replacement in Middletown

Plumber fixing gas furnace

When the weather turns really cold, that’s no time to have problems with your furnace. But if you’re experiencing those problems, call the professionals with Jones Services. We’ll perform a thorough examination to determine whether you need furnace replacement in Middletown, NY or if your unit can be repaired.

Furnace Problem Warning Signs in Middletown

If you notice any of the following warning signs, please call us immediately so we can determine the nature of the problem:

Scale: These are flakes of rust that are a by-product of burning gas. Scale could fall on the burners and reduce the flow of gas, and over time it can cause significant damage by causing moisture, which ultimately can lead to a substantial amount of rust. Have a Jones Services service professional remove the burners and clean them. In addition, you can clean out rust flakes that fall to the bottom of the furnace housing.

Grinding or chattering sounds: These sounds can result from electrical problems, delayed ignition, or a cracked belt. Basically, if you hear something unusual, there’s a good chance you have a serious problem.

Other Furnace Warning Signs in Middletown

Yellow flame: Your furnace’s flame should be clean and stable, sharp and blue, and burning in as pure a manner as possible. If the flame is yellow, that is an indication that dirt is in the burner and it is not doing a proper job of mixing air and gas. Have a service professional test the system and clean it thoroughly. If the problem persists afterward, then you may need a furnace replacement.

Dusty smell: This might not necessarily indicate that a furnace replacement is needed, but if you turn up the thermostat and your home is filled with a dry, dusty smell within minutes, it’s probably just burning the dust out of the combustion chamber. Change your filter. If the odor is constant, call a Jones Services service professional. However, if you notice a gas odor, call your utility company immediately.

Negative pressure and back-drafting: This takes place when oxygen is taken out of the air faster than it can enter the house. Back-drafting naturally occurs when negative pressure occurs, because air is rushing into the house through its chimney and choking off the natural process of venting. Again, this does not necessarily mean you have to immediately replace your furnace, but still needs to be addressed by running a combustible air duct from the outside to your unit.

Looking to replace your furnace? Call Jones Services today for more information!

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