Furnace Maintenance in Goshen- New Year’s Resolutions with Jones

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Record Breaking Colds Mean More Furnace Failure

Can you believe how cold it is in Goshen?!

Neither can we. These outrageous temperatures mean that this weekend is going to be a great time to stay indoors and perhaps enjoy some coffee or hot cocoa by the fire. Unfortunately, it also means that a lot of homeowners may be receiving an unpleasant surprise: just when they need it most, their furnace starts to act up and break down.

Why does it always seem like furnaces fail just when it’s coldest outside? It’s not a coincidence: the reality is that when temperatures outdoors are lower, your furnace needs to work harder indoors to reach the pre-set temperatures on your thermostat. Many homeowners in the Goshen area have older homes and outdated heating systems, meaning that their furnaces or boilers may be at or nearing the end of their warranty. Generally, the lifespan of a furnace is 10 to 15 years…but it can be significantly shorter than that if the device doesn’t receive the proper maintenance.

That’s where the heating experts at Jones Services can help.

Furnace Tune-Up

Have you received your annual furnace maintenance from a professional yet? Most manufacturers recommend (and some require) that their machines get inspected and tuned-up once a year. Why? For three main reasons:

  1. Safety: A properly functioning furnace burns fuel (oil or gas) to create heat without releasing combustion byproducts. However, as wear and tear start to effect the machine over time, certain pieces of your furnace can become unstable, and combustion can become compromised. This means that dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide can be released in your home. Only a professional can catch these problems before they start.
  2. Cost: As with any appliance, a certain degree of efficiency is lost over time. Rust sets in, damage starts to impact production, and finally fuel starts burning less effectively. This doesn’t only mean that your furnace fails to reach the proper heating levels — it also means that you will have to pay more for less heat. A tune-up can help you reduce your monthly heating costs.
  3. Effectiveness: Does your furnace heat rooms unevenly? Does it fail to reach pre-set temperatures? Does it seem to fail completely at generating warmth and comfort for your home? Call Jones for a tune-up: we’ll inspect and test your furnace to find out what the issue is and offer you the best possible permanent solutions.

Make 2015 the year that your Goshen home has smarter heating. Call Jones Services for furnace tune-up, repairs, and installations today!

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