Furnace Cleaning in Pine Bush, NY

Bretheon heating system

A clean furnace is a safe furnace

A furnace needs to be cleaned on a regular basis no matter what its power source. However, if it is an oil-fired unit this is even more important. If soot is allowed to accumulate, that can result in a serious problem that can be extremely expensive to fix.

  1. A clean furnace is also much safer. Soot accumulation in a gas unit can be sent throughout your home through the vents. This can lead to a substantial decrease in the quality of your indoor air. If you or someone else in your home are prone to respiratory problems, soot can make it much worse.
  2. Cleaning will also increase the efficiency of your unit so it doesn’t have to work as hard. This will help reduce your heating bills and also extend the lifespan of the appliance.
  3. Finally, regular cleaning will also help reduce issues that could lead to the need for costly repairs. You should consider spending a little money now so that you can help avoid having to spend a great deal more due to a problem.


Call Jones today and we’ll make sure that your furnace is clean from top to bottom.

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