Furnace Blower Motor Problem in Phoenicia, NY

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Try these solutions before calling a professional



If you have an issue with your electric furnace’s blower motor, there are some things that you can check first to see if you’ll need a repair or a replacement.

First, turn off the unit and see if you can move the blower. If you can’t, see if there are oil ports on the blower and add a few drops of oil. If it doesn’t have ports or you still can’t move it after adding oil, then it will more than likely need to be replaced. However, if you can move the blower, check to see if the motor is hot. Allow it to cool and make sure the wire connections are secure. The problem could be something as simple as a bad capacitor that needs to be replaced. This is a relatively simple job, but if you don’t feel comfortable you should call a service professional.

If, after replacing the capacitor, the blower either cannot get up to full speed or it doesn’t start at all, then you’ll need a new motor. Unless you have a great deal of experience working with electricity and you have the right tools and equipment, you’ll definitely want to have a professional take care of this type of job.

Call Jones today and we can thoroughly check your blower motor to see if a repair or replacement would be best.

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