Frozen Pipe Prevention in Warwick

Frosted pipes

Protect your plumbing from the winter!

While you’re bundling up and keeping warm, don’t forget that your plumbing is at risk of freezing over too! Your water lines and sewer pipes need some love to stay warm this winter. You need to be prepared when the cold temperatures comes in many ways, and keeping your pipes safe and in working order is no exception. The Warwick plumbing experts at Jones Services can help winterize your home so you never have to fear frozen or burst pipes again, so call today!

Why Pipes Freeze

Pipes freeze in below freezing conditions when there is little to know what movement through the pipes. Water slows and becomes frozen within the pipes causing blockage to occur, backing up the water. The damage is not caused by the frozen water itself, but rather the pressure that has been built up as water is forced through. Pressure builds up over time and the pipe eventually bursts under the pressure. You’ll need a plumber to come in and replace the pipes and handle any collateral damage from the burst.

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Follow these tips to help prevent your pipes from bursting this winter. Don’t overlook these ideas: letting your pipes freeze can cause major damage to your home and cost you big time when it comes time to getting the issue fixed. Here are some steps you can take today:

  • Insulate exposed pipes: covering exposed pipes, especially in basement ceilings, can help prevent water from freezing. This is critical in pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures through cracks or other areas unprotected from the exterior of the home or otherwise exposed to extremely cold temperatures.
  • Leave the faucet at a drip: Letting your faucet drip at a slow and consistent rate will keep water in the system moving, preventing the chances of the water within the pipe from freezing.
  • Keep your home warm: Keeping your home warm this winter can help prevent your pipes from freezing. Areas that are still exposed to cracks or windows may still be at a higher risk, but most of the pipes in your home will be aided by having the temperature of your home above freezing.

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