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Looking for an emergency plumber in Middletown? Call the number at the top of this page for emergency service now! Jones Plumbing is the most trusted service contractor in the Middletown area, and we’re available to schedule same day service 24/7, so don’t wait! 

At Jones Services, we make speed and efficiency our priority for emergency repairs. That why we respond to service calls in hours — not days. What makes a great emergency plumber great? To us, it means knowing how to act fast when it really matters. But what makes a plumbing problem an “emergency?”

How to Recognize Plumbing Emergencies

Your plumbing system isn’t fragile. It’s very likely that those pipes, both your sewer drains and water lines, are as old as your home! Here in Middletown, that’s saying something.

But although your plumbing system isn’t exactly delicate, those sturdy pipes are still susceptible is major issues. Most homes in this area were built prior to 1989, which means that since these plumbing systems were built there have been huge advancements made in the plumbing industry. These advancements were made to prevent plumbing emergencies from happening. For instance, the materials pipes are commonly made of have changed: whereas cast iron and Orangeburg pipes were fairly common in the past, those materials have been deemed problematic since then and replaced with PEX and copper piping. Old piping materials can leak or become clogged, causing large, expensive, and unsanitary damage. Having a broken water pipe or raw sewage backing up into your home is an emergency, and you need immediate help!

Examples of severe plumbing emergencies in Middletown that we see commonly include:

  • Main Line Back-Flow– Your sewer system keeps you safe by removing wastewater that carries harmful bacteria and pathogens from your home. If the flow in your sewer main line ever reverses due to a major clog, your sinks, showers, and other plumbing appliances won’t be able to drain! You’ll need sewer clearing fast to prevent waste from reentering your home.
  • Burst Water Pipes– Winter is over now, so the threat of frozen and burst pipes is mainly gone. But burst pipes can happen to homeowners year round! Whenever the pressure in the pipe exceeds the pressure outside, you could have a dangerous situation on your hands. Luckily, Jones offers emergency water pipe repair service. We can even show you how to shut off your main water line to stop the damage: just check out the first video in our Homeowner Tips!
  • Water Heater Tank Leaks– Storage tank-type water heaters keep water at a constant temperature 24/7 for use when you need it. That’s what the 40-80 gallon storage tank is for — it holds the pre-heated water you use to shower, clean, and cook. If that storage tank springs a leak, the appliance will keep trying to refill it — resulting in a accidental “indoor swimming pool.” At Jones, we offer emergency water heater repair and replacement for when you need hot water again fast.

If any of these or any other plumbing emergencies happen in your home, know who to call: the experts at Jones Services are standing by. Call Jones Services to schedule plumbing maintenance or an inspection to help you avoid plumbing emergencies in Middletown today!


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