Customer Testimonial From Cornwall, NY For Matt Doyle

Custoer Testimonial Matt Doyle

Here is a great customer testimonial from Paul H. of Cornwall, NY for Matt Doyle of Jones Services:

Here is his written review:
“In a word, awesome. My family was stranded with no heat because an electrician (not from Jones) improperly connected our oil boiler to our service panel.

Matt D did incredible, methodical diagnostics and tracked down the problem and wired it properly. A less skilled electrician would have installed a new breaker and run an entirely new line to the boiler for hundreds more, and left a dangerous problem uncorrected.

The service staff is great, communicative, and sympathetic too, even during the busy season they were able to get me a next-day appointment after I explained I had a two-year-old baby and no heat. There’s a reason their reviews are all so positive, these guys are great!

Thank you!”

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