Chester NY Water Treatment: What Can Contaminate Your Water?

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The wintertime sees a higher risk of catching the cold or flu and the last thing you want on top of that is the risk of becoming sick due to contaminated drinking water. While it’s true that all drinking water contains naturally occurring contaminants, some are more harmful to consume than others, leading to a wide range of health consequences that could impact your entire family. Even something simple like taking a sip from the tap can result in a trip to the hospital!

At Jones Services, your health and safety means everything to us, which is why our Chester water treatment service is here to help you. We want to make you more aware of what can potentially seep into your drinking water and the dangers that come along with it. From there, we can offer you several solutions that can filter out any harmful contaminants including reverse osmosis and backflow prevention. We’re also happy to consult with you on what type of Chester water treatment would be right for your home!

Common Water Contaminants

Some contaminants may not even be immediately recognizable by taste or sight, which makes it all the more important to know about the usual suspects in water contamination. Take a look and see what could potentially find its way into your drinking water:

  • Magnesium: Concentrations of magnesium more than 125 mg can have a laxative effect if consumed and also contain higher elements of lime scale. This contaminant, along with calcium, is also highly complicit in the creation of hard water.
  • Aluminum: Though low levels of aluminum will have no real impact on your health, there are far greater long-term effects if aluminum levels are high enough. Larger intakes of this contaminant have been traced to Alzheimer’s and other brain impairing functions.
  • Copper: The same makeup of the pennies in your piggy bank can also wreak havoc on your drinking water. Consuming water with copper can lead to stomach irritation and vomiting. In addition, it has a bitter taste that’s hard to get down!
  • Arsenic: The scariest aspect of this contaminant is that more than 700 community water treatment facilities don’t have any regulations that deal with it. Exposure can lead to serious skin problems and increase the risk of cancer.
  • Mercury: Consuming water with higher levels of mercury can lead to kidney and liver damage, effects on brain functioning, and even result in trouble with memory or vision.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is actually pretty helpful in removing plaque and preventing tooth decay. Larger intakes of fluoride in your drinking water, however, can lead to tooth enamel destruction, brittle bones and joint pain.


Contact Jones Services today if you want the help of our Chester water treatment to keep these contaminants far away from your water supply!

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