Carrier INFINITY Series Air Conditioners

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The Carrier Infinity® Series is a high performance, energy efficient line of two-stage central air conditioning systems. Both models offered by Jones Services have exceptional SEER ratings and provide superior humidity and temperature control. Choose from the Infinity 21 or Infinity 17 to find the central air conditioning most suited to your home and your wallet.

Features, Functions and Benefits:

  • Silencer System II: Built-in noise reducing technology provides attractive decibel ratings as low as 65.
  • Unparalleled Control: The Infinity Control feature allows you to optimize your in-home temperature, humidity and air quality.  With large buttons and easy-to-read screens, you can enjoy convenience and command of your home’s climate.
  • Puron Refrigerant: Meets the EPA mandate for environmentally-approved refrigerant.  This means lower recharge prices and reduced operation and maintenance costs.  Plus, you can rest easy knowing your home comfort level isn’t harming the ozone layer.
  • ENERGY STAR Partner: Designated Energy Star’s Most Efficient for 2012 on select sizes.  Excellent SEER ratings will help increase your energy savings while decreasing your carbon footprint. The Infinity® Series are so efficient they typically pay for themselves through these energy savings in just a few years.
  • Durable Construction: Carrier’s WeatherArmor Ultra protection finish ensures the system’s outdoor unit can withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions, leaving you to enjoy worry-free indoor comfort on even the stormiest days.

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