Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump in Middletown, NY

Family Feet warming at fireplace

If you purchase a Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump in Middletown, NY, you will have the most advanced, highest efficiency heat pump on the market.

Carrier is known as an innovator in the home comfort solutions market, and its Greenspeed technology raises the bar to an incredibly high level. Infinity heat pumps from Carrier with Greenspeed intelligence not only provide precise, reliable heating and cooling, but also the best in energy efficiency. To make matters even better, Infinity heat pumps provide comfort in the quietest fashion possible.

Year Around Comfort in Middletown, NY

It’s obviously hard to envision the heat of summer while in the middle of winter, but Carrier’s Infinity heat pumps look and work like a traditional air conditioner. They are as efficient at cooling your home in the summer as they are warming your home in the winter. A Carrier Infinity heat pump provides even more efficiency when paired with an Infinity furnace, providing substantial savings on heating costs.

Split-System Heat Pumps in Middletown, NY

Carrier offers several types of configurations in regard to heat pumps. The most popular is what is referred to as a “split” system. A split system has components that are inside and outside of your home. The heat pump, again, looks like a central air conditioner unit and sits outside. There is an evaporator coil located inside that converts refrigerant as well as a blower motor to move treated air.

Greenspeed Technology Benefits in Middletown, NY

One of the keys behind Carrier’s Greenspeed technology is the extreme intelligence it brings to a heat pump system. Infinity’s control system keeps track of your comfort preferences, the amount of energy your home uses, and the temperature outside to adjust your system to your needs.

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